Ask Your Landscape Designer About These Gorgeous Unilock Products in Lebanon County

Great design and functionality are crucial for an effective landscape, and at the core of this lies the materials from which the project is built. As well as world class design and construction expertise, we offer an arsenal of diverse, yet sophisticated materials. Unilock pavers, for example, are imbued with unbeatable durability and intricate, original surface designs that ensure a one of a kind hardscape. Here are a few Unilock pavers that enable us to push your curb appeal to the next level and effectively integrate your personality into your Lebanon County, PA, hardscape.


Artline pavers are available in a range of neutral shades with a distinctly modern feel. The sand-colored Tuscany option, for example, pairs beautifully with the geometric shapes and luxurious white upholstery found in many contemporary pool decks. These pavers are also conveniently slip-resistant, leaving you with no reason to overlook them for your poolside patio or outdoor kitchen. With EasyClean Stain Resistance worked into their surfaces, they are also easy to clean and maintain.

Artline pavers are also available in cooler colors like French Grey, granting them versatility and ensuring that you find the variation that best suits the unique aesthetic of your hardscape. EnduraColor Technology is integrated into the manufacturing of these pavers and will ensure that your Artline pavers will retain their elegant surface colors and resist fading despite sun exposure and physical wear.

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Beacon Hill Flagstone

These pavers have a relaxed appearance with intricate surface textures that are simply irresistible. Their classic flagstone look brings the timeless luxury of authentic stone to your outdoor spaces, even if natural stone falls outside of your budget. These pavers are relatively neutral and come in a variety of soft hues that make them compatible with virtually any hardscape design. These pavers are also available in large sizes that are perfect for contemporary patios or kitchens as they minimize the crowding effect of jointing lines.

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Ask Your Landscape Designer About these Gorgeous Unilock Products in Lebanon County PA

Richcliff pavers are, by far, one of the best substitutes for natural stone and bear all of its timeless beauty. They are also imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock that grants them four times the strength of poured concrete. To obtain the same kind of durability from real natural stone, we would have to work with incredibly thick slabs of stone that are not only expensive to source, but are also costly to install. The realistic surface textures of Richcliff pavers are achieved through Reala Surface Technology, which uses real flagstone to cast textures with a convincing look and feel.

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Senzo pavers are a perfect option for homeowners looking to create an unexpected and memorable driveway or pool deck. They are sleek, with the clean-cut design one would expect of a standard modern paver, but their surfaces are out of this world. They can be found in a range of color gradients that add plenty of intrigue and personality to the paved area. The Nuvola color variation, for example, transitions between various shades of grey while the Castano color option contains rich brown hues. Each paver bears its own unique gradient, which can take up its entire surface or occupy only part of it. It is when these pavers are placed side by side that magic happens, as an unpredictable sea of light and dark spots is created.

Image courtesy of Unilock.