Top Landscaping Ideas for 2018 in Berks County

In previous years, design has been heavily focused on aesthetic to the point where comfort and functionality has often been compromised. However, 2018 seems to be bringing about revolutionary changes in outdoor design, with trends that emphasize the importance of being happy and comfortable within one’s backyard. Here are just a few landscaping ideas that are beginning to creep up on the old minimalist movement in Berks County, PA.

Getting creative with small spaces

Top Landscaping Ideas for 2018 in Berks County, PA

As the decades go by, space is becoming shorter in supply. On a suburban level, homes are renovated and extended, slowly eating away at the natural landscape. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can make the most of shrinking backyard spaces. Designers are making outstanding progress in creating small backyards that are as functional and comfortable as possible. One way in which this can be achieved is by investing in multipurpose features like fire features with thick edges that can double as cozy seating space.

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Growing native plants and attracting indigenous wildlife

Many environmentally conscious homeowners are turning to creating beautiful landscapes that meet the needs of the indigenous wildlife. While this is a moral design choice, it also brings plenty of life and sound to your yard. Attracting songbirds can easily make a backyard getaway more tranquil, for example, making you feel like you’re a million miles away. Catering to the critters on your property lies in selecting the plant varieties that provide them with food and shelter. By growing both seed- and berry-producing plants, you can ensure that your backyard supports a great variety of animals. Restricting your use of insecticides and pesticides will also make your landscape more inviting to local wildlife.

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Using the landscape to enclose the home

A lush collection of trees and shrubs can serve as a natural fence that limits how visible your home is to people on the street. They offer privacy, and are also attractive and welcoming. Small lacy-leaved trees are often used to create a barrier, while a deep planting bed between the curb and front yard can serve to make the home feel secluded. A few flowering plants can also be incorporated into this natural fence for a fun dash of color.

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Flaunting the full beauty of winter

Winter can turn backyards into dreary wastelands. However, more homeowners are now finding ways to incorporate color and sophisticated texture into their winter landscapes. This can be achieved by selecting tough plants that can withstand the weather, or trees that strip their bark to reveal gorgeous pale shades underneath. Certain early-blooming plants display their flowers during the latter part of winter and are excellent candidates to enliven your landscape.

Prioritizing craftsmanship

Many hardscaping features are mass-produced, leaving homeowners with less room to personalize their outdoor spaces and make them unique. This is why many homeowners are investing in hand-made hardscapes. These features can be made to look like they are centuries old, or they can be adorned with unique motifs and textures that make them distinct.

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