Ideas for Stunning Enclosed Spaces from a Landscape Designer in Berks County

When you live in the city, it isn’t always possible to have an open and spacious yard. But an enclosed yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a stunning outdoor space. Whether you have a tiny patch of grass, a small patio, or a narrow walled-in yard, a landscape designer can help you turn it into a space you can enjoy. Consider some of these ideas to upgrade your enclosed Berks County, PA, yard.


Enclosed outdoor spaces are often lacking in privacy. You may have neighbors on either side or above you in an urban setting. If your backyard borders on a building, you could have an unsightly structure as part of your view. Consider adding walls or fences to block neighboring objects and define your space.

Bamboo walls or fences will add privacy and bring a calm and natural feel to a space. Bamboo is durable, economical, and sustainable, making it an excellent material for landscape design projects.

Curtains are an easy and versatile way to add privacy and create the feel of walls in an outdoor space. Add them to a pergola or build frames so you can draw them across any area that requires screening. You can choose from a variety of materials that will also regulate light and air flow.

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Rock Garden

A rock garden is a perfect way to turn a dull enclosed space into a tranquil and relaxing outdoor retreat. A combination of river stones and pavers will make for low maintenance ground cover and help define areas of use. Add planters or gaps in ground cover for greenery.

A water feature is an essential element of many rock gardens. Most enclosed outdoor spaces can’t accommodate a full-sized pond, but a fountain or water wall will work in almost any setting. Fountains add movement to a still space and the peaceful sound of flowing water will help mask neighborhood noises.


Ideas for Stunning Enclosed Spaces from a Landscape Designer in Berks County, PA

Enclosed outdoor spaces don’t always have the best growing conditions. Work with your surroundings by converting sparse grass or dirt patches into an attractive patio.  No matter how small or large the area is, tile, pavers, or natural stone will make durable flooring that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. Look for materials that complement the exterior of your home to create a more cohesive look.

If your space is very small, a few pavers or a small wooden deck will create a spot for a table and chair. Pavers are versatile and offer a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. A natural stone patio will help make an urban outdoor space feel more like a part of nature.

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Courtyards and other enclosed spaces are often lacking in greenery. Incorporating plants and trees will make your yard feel more natural. Raised planting beds create good growing conditions while ensuring plants can’t overgrow their boundaries. When you don’t have a lot of ground space, opt for vertical plantings. Plants such as bamboo or tall grasses create a lot of impact, but don’t take up a lot of space. If you don’t have room for a garden, add some potted plants to bring in greenery.


Often an enclosed outdoor space is exposed from above. Adding an awning will create both shade and privacy from higher windows and balconies. A retractable canopy will give you the option of having privacy or allowing in sunlight.

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