Here's How a Professional Landscape Designer Can Help Transform your PA Property

Professional landscaping adds interest to your lawn and boosts curb appeal in more than one way. Here are just a few ways a professional can create a timeless paradise in your Schuylkill County, PA, property.

Here's How a Professional Landscape Designer Can Help Transform your Schuylkill County, PA Property

Design and Layout

With an eye for design and an extensive knowledge of what works well in outdoor spaces, Nature’s Accents Landscape Services Inc. can develop the initial concept, put together a design, and draft a layout comprising the elements that you wish to include in your landscape. While we offer the skills and expertise to do so, what matters to us most of all is ensuring that our clients’ vision for their landscape is fulfilled. Therefore we work closely with homeowners in building on and realizing their vision, ensuring that the landscape remains an extension of the client’s personality and tastes.

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One of the most important aspects of horticulture and landscaping is understanding what plants to use. A landscaper understands which types of greenery will add texture, color and form to the area, while maintaining visual balance as well as a harmony with the natural characteristics of the property and soil. They can combine different variety of plants for added texture, color and interest. In addition, they will also choose plants that bloom at different times of the year, so that the interest remains and even changes slightly throughout the seasons. An effective softscape not only provides visual interest and natural appeal all year round, it also maximizes the ability of the landscape to thrive. This can ultimately help to keep water, fertilization, and maintenance requirements to a minimum. A professional landscaper can help you to achieve this for your outdoor spaces.

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A professional landscape designer will know how to select the right type of paver, natural stone or other building material for hardscaped elements in the landscape. These are features like outdoor patios, pool areas, walkways and driveways. He will help you narrow your paver selection down to just a few options that will work well with the size of your yard and the design of your Schuylkill County home, while maintaining long term durability.

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Adding Accessories to the Yard

Just like your home interiors, your outdoor areas also need features that make the overall design “pop.” While some of these features and elements such as pots, statues, stones and natural elements may seem like simple ideas, it is often “sheer simplicity” that is difficult to create. A landscaper can strategically add potted plants in the right color and size for specific areas to create attractive focal points. Of course, the objective of these additions is to make areas stand out, but there is also another benefit. These pots and additions make the area more versatile and low-maintenance.

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The illumination of outdoor areas is another aspect of landscape design that a good landscaper will address. Attractive landscaping is something you want to show off, even after dark. The right lighting adds a certain atmosphere to landscaping elements such as sidewalks and stairs. Lights can showcase points of interest and can even help break up the monotony of a certain design line. Achieving a balance of illumination and ambience is a delicate undertaking and one which is best left to a experienced professional.