Perfect Placement for Your PA Outdoor Kitchen

Constructing an outdoor kitchen requires an investment of time and money, but the return on this investment is high, both in terms of actual home value as well as your family’s enjoyment of the property. When designing your outdoor kitchen in Lebanon County, PA, there are a few key elements to bear in mind regarding placement of the outdoor kitchen to maximize the functionality and experience of the space.

Close to Indoor Kitchen

Ideally, your outdoor kitchen should be as near - and accessible - to the indoor kitchen as possible. Unless your outdoor kitchen is fully equipped, you will likely need to move from one to the other in search of ingredients or forgotten utensils. In a perfect world, the door to the patio space would exit from the kitchen, making this the prime locale. If not, consider installing a door where the kitchen area meets your backyard space, or a passthrough window to connect the two. If not, safe and direct walkways can link your outdoor kitchen to the back entrance of your home for efficiency.

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Away from Play Areas

Another key point to remember regarding placement of your outdoor kitchen is to keep it clear of children’s play areas. An unfortunate splash from the pool or errant ball from a lively game of soccer can be hazardous when a hot grill is nearby. Remove any children’s play items from this area, so they won’t be tempted to play in unsafe conditions. In addition, keep the two functional spaces far apart in terms of location. However, you can still make sure that you will have a clear line of sight between the areas where cooking and eating will take place and where the children will be playing.

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Downwind from Dining Areas

Placement of the kitchen in relation to dining areas is an important consideration to ensure that your guests don’t have smoke blown into their faces as they are enjoying pre-dinner discussion. Whether you have to install a wind breaking wall or simply reverse the outdoor kitchen and dining spaces, make sure that this unfortunate instance doesn’t ruin your entertaining and outdoor dining ventures. All safety precautions regarding outdoor cooking, fire pits, and wind should be considered during the design phase of your construction.

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With an Eye Toward the View

Perfect Placement for Your Lebanon County PA Outdoor Kitchen

Whether its the view of your beautifully cultivated softscape or a sweeping view of the natural surrounds, you can take measures to ensure that guests will have something to gaze at while enjoying your outdoor kitchen facilities. Set the dining spaces to face features of your landscape or orient your cooking station so that it faces in the direction of the vista without blocking the view from other areas.

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Keep It Private

Your outdoor kitchen should have at least an impression of privacy. Whether you achieve this element by way of fences, trees, high shrubs, or screens, the option chosen should be in keeping with the overall landscaping design. Maintaining privacy will encourage free flowing fun without concern for what the neighbors will think. Allow your family and friends to enjoy a private meal at your home with the intimacy that these elements provide.

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