Create a Lighter, Airier Outdoor Living Space with These Patio Ideas

Creating an open, airy outdoor living space or outdoor room in Schuylkill Haven, PA, greatly enhances the appeal and value of homes and provides an oasis for friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors in supreme comfort. There are myriad options to maximize comfort, whether the outdoor space is an urban backyard, an expansive poolside, or a small balcony or deck. Whether it’s with an open layout design, the materials used during construction, or the addition of a lofty shade structure, you can remodel your backyard to include the benefits of a lighter, airier space.

Shade Covering

It may seem counterintuitive that a shade covering can result in a lighter, airier space, however by altering the quality of the shade, you’ll find that adjustments to the mood of the space can be made. While excessive vegetation might provide sun protection for your patio, the resulting shade can be gloomy. Having the vegetation thinned can result in a more pleasing, dappled natural light. Alternatively, pergolas fitted with white shade cloth has the effect of framing the outdoor living space and creating a gentle ambient light while offering precious shade on sunny days.

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Create a Lighter, Airier Outdoor Living Space with these Schuylkill Haven, PA Patio Ideas


Since most patios provide outdoor space for living and dining, the trick is creating a flexible, multipurpose layout that’s also an extension of the yard and home. An open area in the center can be maintained to encourage flow to and from the lawn beyond. The use of lines and curves can be effective in drawing the eye out into the yard, reinforcing this sense of openness. To create division between outdoor living spaces, opt for design devices that offer subtle distinction rather than more obvious separation. For example, rather than enclosing each section with walls or screens, borders, inlays, and different laying patterns can be used.

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Cluttering your patio with furniture can also reduce the openness of the space. Aim instead for a few select pieces. To provide ample seating for guests, this can be supplemented with permanent seating in the form of low seating walls. The use of lighter colored fabrics and less flamboyant designs can also contribute to an airier, more open feel.

Hardscape Materials

Hardscape materials offer another opportunity for creating an airier space. Light colored pavers in sandstone golds, light yellows, white, and light, neutral grays are ideal. Large format pavers are also an excellent option as these give the visual impression of expanding the space. To reinforce this effect of openness a jointing compound that is the same color as the pavers can be used.

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Tall, imposing features can often dominate a patio, create excessive shade and block views of the property. However, that doesn’t mean they should be avoided altogether. Finding the correct placement for an outdoor fireplace, for example, can help to maintain the flow of the area. Offsetting these features by placing them against walls or out of the way is an excellent way to reap the benefits these features have to offer while contributing to a lighter, airier space.

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