3 Landscape Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Lounge in Berks County, PA

It’s time to relax and consider the many possibilities for developing a beautiful outdoor lounge for your Berks County, PA, home. What type of features should you add to your landscape design that would contribute to a calming and enjoyable space that’s all your own? Here are some great ideas for you to consider!

Colorful Plantings

No outdoor lounge is complete without the touches of nature to add beauty to the area. You could go with the simplest option, which would be mulched beds aroudn key hardscape features, such as the nearby walkway or anywhere else you want to add some beauty. You could add flowering shrubs, hostas, topiaries, or even bulb flowers for practicality and bright color. You could also consider adding fragrant plants like lavender to bring a perfumed scent to your yard.

Another option would be to create planters atop decorative landscape walls that create borders around the patio or lounge areas. If you need decorative landscape walls, built-in planters are a great way to capitalize on that space. Of course, you can customize them to house flowers, shrubberies, or evergreens that increase privacy and add natural beauty.

Fire Feature

3 Landscape Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Lounge in Berks County, PA

A fire feature is an eye-catching way to bring your landscape design to the next level. There are different types of fire features you can add, including tabletop features, freestanding features, or even fire features that can be combined with water features for a dazzling display of contrast. For something on a larger scale, either an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can provide warmth and beauty as a hardscape feature that you and your guests can gather around on a cool night.

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These larger features can extend the life of your outdoor lounge space by providing light and heat during times when it may otherwise be too dark or cold to be outside. If considering a fire feature of any kind, be sure to take into account the required space to keep your guests and structures safe.

Water Feature

Incorporating water is a classic way to liven up your landscape design. Water in your backyard can provide stunning visuals when reflecting light as well as calming, relaxing sounds. Options range from the classic fountain or birdbath to more modern linear water features that can be incorporated into pillars or decorative landscape walls. If you have a pool, you can incorporate a water feature nearby to take it from run-of-the-mill to upscale. You could also consider installing a small pond that would complement your landscape and house a variety of fish or water plants. Ultimately, you need to figure out, with the help of your contractor, what works best with the space you have and the design you’re implementing.

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Whether you’ve decided to add built-in planters on a decorative landscaping wall, a beautiful fountain, a fire pit, or even all three of these ideas, your backyard will be stylish and practical, ready to enjoy outdoor lounging in any season. For more design suggestions, check out some of our past projects.