Lawn Care: Things You Need to Do in the Backyard This Fall

We just entered fall, but that doesn't mean your Allentown, PA, yard should portray a gray, dying image. In fact, during fall, the grass continues to absorb moisture, nutrients, and energy as preparation for the long winter ahead. This makes fall the perfect time to ensure you have proper lawn care. Follow this checklist and you'll be rewarded with a lush lawn once the snow melts and the first signs of spring appear.

Clear the Leaves

Lawn Care: Things You Need to Do in the Backyard This Fall

Falling leaves can feel like a battle no one wins until the trees are completely bare. To be on the winning side, schedule regular leaf maintenance so that you can keep on top of the cascading leaves and help your lawn thrive in the process. Stacks of dead leaves can cause grass to die because the wet browning leaves prevent the sun from reaching your lawn.

If they’re not scooped away in a timely manner, fallen leaves also become a significant nesting spot for diseases and mold that are harmful to the lawn. Clearing the leaves once a week could bring you the best results, plus they are an excellent fertilizer once decomposed. Seasonal clean-ups are a part of the maintenance program at Nature’s Accents Landscape Services, Inc.

Give the Lawn a Regular Manicure

There is a difference in the way your lawn should be trimmed in summer compared with the fall. By having the lawn mowed shorter in autumn, you can prevent the grass from matting down under the leaves. It shouldn’t be too short either, because that could leave space for weeds to progress. We’ve mastered the art of effective lawn care, to give your grass the regular trims it needs and to create an overall beautiful look for your landscape.

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Overseed and Aerate

In addition to the lawn’s growing season, fall is when you’ll want overseeding and aeration to occur. Aeration loosens the soil and improves drainage. Just as with any other process that enriches the soil, aeration also requires a knowledgeable professional. It is important to pull plugs of soil when aerating to increase compaction of the soil over time.

Overseeding helps homeowners grow a dense turf. The process involves filling in the bare spots in the grass by planting more seeds directly into the existing turf. Before overseeding is conducted, the lawn needs to be adequately prepared. The next important step is to water the lawn to encourage the roots to grow deeper into the soil.


Fertilizing is one of the most important aspects of growing a lush lawn. Our team features Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturists who have ready-to-provide advice and maintenance services. We’ve established ourselves as authorities and experts in this area, making it so our clients fully trust us with their landscape. We will check the current state of the grass, grass type, and amount of thatch built up over the summer before providing the right amount of nutrients your lawn needs. Warm and cold types of grasses require different care in different seasons, so the fertilizing plan should be set according to the right standards.

Prevent Weed Growth

Regardless of the grass type, fall is a great season for weed control. The results of proper weed control are visible in spring, in the form of a beautiful, weed-free lawn. Weeds like dandelions and clover will pull all of the nutrients from the leaves of the plants and direct them to their roots. So, it is essential to treat a weed problem during the fall. Know that our team features Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicators who are experts on weed and crabgrass control.

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