5 Best Landscape Design Ideas to Make Space Under Decks in Allentown, PA

Do you ever look at the space under your deck and think that you should really do something useful with it other than store a mower and grill? This area of your landscape could be transformed into something much more functional and attractive. These landscape design ideas for the space under your Allentown, PA, deck will alert you to the many possibilities for this area.

A Gussied Up Storage Center

Chances are you are most interested in keeping this spot for storage, but you don’t want it to be an eyesore. What you need is a storage space that is accessible, practical, and pretty. First, you may want to look into whether your current deck floor is waterproof, because you don’t want any issues for whatever you store underneath it. The open spaces between the posts can be covered with lattice or weather-treated wood to enclose your storage. Barn doors are a desirable indoor trend that you could bring back to the outdoors, for an attractive, unique aesthetic and easy access. Have a path of gorgeous paving stones to take you from the deck steps to your under-deck storage so that you can easily and safely get what you need.

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Outdoor Dining Room

With the relatively moderate temperatures in Allentown, PA, an outdoor dining room could be used almost year-round. Think of how nice it would be to dine outdoors on a spring evening, just relaxing with a nightcap. Or have a weekly pizza night where the kids and eat and play without the trouble of too much cleanup. You may even decide to add a stone fireplace to bring extra coziness to chilly evenings.

5 Best Landscape Design Ideas to Make Space Under Decks in Allentown, PA

Outdoor Bar

It would be difficult for your friends to resist any of your invites if you had a modern, professionally installed bar under your deck. Hosting family and friends would be so much fun with a lighted path of flagstone or cobblestone pavers to bring guests directly from their cars to the bar area. A stone bar with contrasting banding and shelves mounted for the glasses and other supplies would be the start of a delightful gathering place. Add in comfortable chairs and small tables to hold drinks, and your outdoor bar could easily become your favorite part of your home.

Man Cave

What better use of the under-deck area than a spot to relax and enjoy your favorite sport on TV? Finish one side of under the deck with a wall, maybe with stone or weatherproof wood, mount your big screen TV, and you have a place to host your buddies when your favorite teams play. Install some ceiling fans and comfortable couches, and your man cave would be where everyone wants to watch the game. When it is not being used for game watching, your kids could have movie night or Xbox battles with friends.

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Putting Green

A simple but effective way to use that space under the deck is to install a putting green. After a long day, think of how enjoyable putting on your own personal green would be. This could definitely be a stress reliever.

There is no wrong choice for upgrading the area under your deck to bring more usable space to your Allentown, PA, home and yard. Consult a professional landscape expert who has experience in this area to go over the landscape design ideas that interest you, and then see what’s possible for your spot.