How a Landscape Contractor Can Help you Get the Right Covered Structure for your Exeter, PA, Outdoor Living Space

With so many covered structure options available for your Exeter, PA, outdoor living space, you could find that choosing the right one for you is a challenge. To narrow down your choices, consider the type of landscape design you’re going for as well as the reason for the structure. Seasonal activities may also play a part in your decision. So much to consider! Here’s how a landscape contractor can help you choose the right covered structure for you.

How a Landscape Contractor Can Help you Get the Right Covered Structure for your Exeter, PA, Outdoor Living Space

Use Shade as an Advantage

One way to go for a covered hardscape is to have it constructed in an area of your property that already receives some natural shade. This landscape design tactic works well with patios, for example, as they can benefit from the effects of being along the side of the house, another existing structure, or tree cover. Expert landscape contractors can help you figure out the areas that are best suited for this option.

Perfect Pergolas

Pergolas offer variety for existing outdoor structures. Cover options for these structures can be canvases, vines, canopies, retractable curtains and blinds, and awnings. Placement is usually along the top and sides of the pergola. In the case of retractable cover options, homeowners like the flexibility—you may want lots of sun one day and other times you may have a need to keep the elements at bay. Placement matters; you could opt for a pergola that takes up only a portion of your patio so that you have partial shade. At Nature’s Accents, we can create a unique pergola that’s specific to your design tastes and landscape needs.

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Durability and Structural Integrity

A professional landscape contractor with years of experience and knowledge in producing quality covered structures is needed to construct the kind of structure that will be hard-wearing and can stand up to the elements over time. Your newly covered structure will need proper drainage or else the space it covers will not be warm and inviting but instead a leaky, damp area that does not get much use. Landscape design professionals can help you choose the right materials for your requirements, and they’ll ensure that drainage isn’t an issue.

Another important part of building these kinds of structures, of course, is making sure that they are structurally sound. Look for landscape professionals with years of experience who have built long-lasting relationships with homeowners over time—repeat clients is a sure sign of quality.

Gazebos Add Style

Another option for covered structures is a gazebo. Though standalone, gazebos can be used for a variety of purposes, from an attractive focal point to a purposeful guard of your grill. They can also be used as an outdoor dining room where family and guests can enjoy meals in the day or night. Usually set far apart from other hardscape structures, gazebos can also be used as relaxation spots—you could even have a massage table set up or simply comfortable seating that all your family members can appreciate.

At Nature’s Accents, we can help you choose the kind of gazebo you want. This covered structure could become the kind of functionality-based focal point you’ll love for years to come.