The Top 4 Landscape Design Trends for 2019

A new year is the perfect time to set goals and make plans for the coming months. It’s also a great time to prepare to update your Pottsville, PA, landscape design. By making plans now, your landscaper will be ready to start work as soon as spring arrives. To help you get started, we’ve researched some of the top landscape design trends for 2019.

Bringing the Indoors Out

There’s no question about it, having a fully developed outdoor living space is the biggest landscape design trend for 2019. While outdoor rooms are nothing new, 2019 will bring even bigger growth to this popular trend. Inspired by the indoor trend of removing walls to create an open living space, homeowners are looking for ways to expand their outdoor living and entertaining space as well.

Developing your backyard to include outdoor rooms and additional living space can increase your property value while allowing you to spend more time outside with friends and family. What started with upgrading the BBQ to a grill island has grown into the creation of complete outdoor kitchens and comfortable outdoor living rooms.

Low Maintenance Landscapes

Part of enjoying your new outdoor living space means not having to work to maintain it all the time. While no outdoor space is maintenance-free, careful landscape design planning can help create a backyard that helps look after itself.

The Top 4 Landscape Design Trends for 2019 in Pottsville, PA

A well-built patio made with durable and low-maintenance pavers is a good place to start for a trouble-free landscape. Concrete pavers are both strong and durable. They handle regular foot traffic with ease, and many are also able to bear vehicular traffic. Adding a sealant may help prevent cracking and chipping to reduce the need for future repairs.

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An irrigation system helps take the guesswork out of watering by providing the right amount of water for your landscape. By adding an automated system, you can also prevent overwatering since you’ll never have to remember to turn off the hose.

Going Zen with Your Landscape

Staycations are in. People are choosing to spend their vacation time at home where they can save money and avoid the stress of traveling. That means creating a backyard that’s soothing and offers plenty of places to relax and unwind. A Zen landscape features minimalistic landscape design and almost always has a water feature as a focal point. Consider a calming koi pond, a mesmerizing fountain, or a flowing stream to bring the soothing sound of moving water to your backyard.

Your Zen landscape should also feature comfortable spots for quiet contemplation. A pergola with a collection of modern furnishings creates a welcoming spot to gather. And don’t forget to include seating near the pond or fountain for an ideal meditation spot.

A Landscape That Gives Back

Along with expanding our living space to the outdoors, people are looking for more ways to get in touch with nature. From incorporating natural elements in interior design to adding gardens that grow food instead of just flowers, nature is in for 2019.

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Edible plants not only provide flavor and nourishment, but they also have attractive flowers and make colorful accent plants. Herbs and spices, fruits and berries, and vegetables can all be grown right in your own backyard. By adapting your landscape design to include large planters and raised flower beds, your landscape architect can create optimal growing conditions for whatever you’d like to grow.