Ensure a Healthy and Blooming Flower Garden with Professional Landscape Maintenance in Lebanon, PA

Everyone enjoys looking at a perfectly trimmed landscape with a neat lawn and blooming flowers, especially during the warmer months in Lebanon, PA. Deciding on the best approach for your landscape maintenance needs has a lot to do with the flower garden you already have and what you want it to look like.

Ensure a Healthy and Blooming Flower Garden with Professional Landscape Maintenance in Lebanon, PA  

Impeccable Flower Garden Design

A blooming flower garden starts with a plan. The flower garden should fit into the rest of the landscape. The style, parameters, and shape should match or at least complement the architecture of the home and the landscape design you have in place.

Flowers offer colors and texture, but if they’re not planted right with the overall aesthetic in mind, you could end up with a beautiful yet chaotic mess that wilts over time. It is recommended to seek expert help if you want to upgrade your flower garden design or want to redesign the entire landscape.

To ensure that you’ll get the best flower garden design, contact our professional team. We will create a beautiful flower garden that defines the edges of your backyard and fits in with your existing hardscape elements, to create a cohesive heaven.

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Flowers Play the Main Role

When it comes to gardens, variety is beautiful. A large garden of one type of bloom will not turn heads. We recommend a range of plantings, from short-term annuals to seasonal plants, long-lasting perennials, and possibly ornamental vines. A cleverly made flower garden design includes so many species that it avoids emptiness during any season.

The flowers should complement each other’s different shapes, sizes, color combinations, and bloom time. Our team at Nature’s Accents will first evaluate your garden space and make sure the plants that you already have in your garden perform the best under those conditions. If not, we can create a thriving ecosystem in your backyard, maximize plant lifetime, and bring the most value possible to your outdoor space.

Consistent, Proper Care

From soil and compost to proper planting and watering, a flower garden requires regular maintenance. Some flowers bloom in different times, from spring to fall and some even in winter. Each plant needs attention, and it is necessary to follow each one’s blooming times and make sure it gets its special treatment. At Nature’s Accents, we keep your newly planted bed adequately mulched and watered.

Before making your final plant selection, it is important to determine plant height. Different heights do make for an appealing garden from various viewpoints. However, combining shorter with taller plants should be done thoughtfully because the taller plants might shade the shorter ones and obstruct their growth.

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Pest Management

Aside from removing deadheads and giving flowers more energy to bloom, professional landscape maintenance will take care of insects and disease pests. Regardless of how simple or complex a solution it may be, early detection and individualized treatment is key to any flower garden success.

Mulch and Fertilize

Feeding the flowers with organic mulch and high-quality fertilizer makes a huge difference in their growing conditions. Mulch blocks weeds and helps plants conserve moisture. Plants show signs of iron deficiency and other diseases in different seasons, so it is good to have a fertilizing plan for both old and newly planted flowers.