Hire a Landscape Contractor to Get the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams in Allentown, PA

Outdoor kitchens aren’t just a passing landscaping trend in Allentown, PA. They provide incredible opportunities, including entertaining and outdoor culinary experiences to be remembered. If you don’t already have one, or are looking to upgrade, it’s best to hire a landscape contractor who specializes in outdoor kitchens, such as Nature’s Accents Landscape Services, Inc., to get the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

The Where

Hire a Landscape Contractor to Get the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams in Allentown, PA

When creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, one of the things you can discuss with your landscape contractor is where it should be. Consider, for example, its accessibility to your indoor kitchen. Chances are you might not have everything you’ll need (spices, utensils, etc) to hand in your outdoor setup. Easy access to your indoor kitchen area, makes the back and forth less of a hassle.

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What about scenery? How nice would it be to have the grill going, lively conversation, and be able to see other beautiful elements of your landscape design? This makes for conversation starters and can add to the ambiance as the cooking takes place. Finally, where are children’s recreational areas found around you landscape? Keep them safe and away from dangerous utensils and hot surfaces, so there’s little to no opportunity for them to be hurt while they play. However, positioning your outdoor kitchen and entertainment area so that you can still supervise their play is a good idea.

Running Water and Space

One of the ways to cut out the hassle of having to run back and forth to your indoor kitchen is to have everything you need in your outdoor kitchen. This will take you a step above the rest in Allentown, PA. Running water is an essential in any highly functioning outdoor kitchen. No matter what is being prepared, being able to keep prep areas and hands clean is vital for both health and safety reasons. The added plus is that this eliminates the need to rush inside each time you need to wash up or clean up inevitable spills.

Having enough counter and cupboard space is another way to make your outdoor kitchen a more convenient and easy-to-use space. Lots of counter space means that not only do you have an expansive prep area, but with a few barstools around the counter it makes for a great gathering point. As for the cupboards, this allows you to keep crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, and other kitchen necessities close to hand.

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The Setup

Your outdoor kitchen setup is where the real fun begins, and you can get great ideas from your landscape contractor or discuss your own for the best results. While you don’t have to go crazy with appliances, invest in high-quality ones that will get the job done effectively. A grill island is a must for any outdoor kitchen. It combines the traditional outdoor cooking appliance, with your new, modern space. Pizza ovens are also a big hit, and it can be fun to have make-your-own-pizza nights with family and friends. A sleek stainless steel stove allows you to create stovetop delights, and multiple burners will make it easy to cook many things at once.

To really take your outdoor kitchen to the next level, incorporate a dining area so it’s from “stove to plate” in minutes.