Update Your South Whitehall, PA, Patio for Fall with These Landscape Design Ideas

Once the weather begins to consistently cool and the light jackets and sweaters come out of hiding, it feels like fall. As mowing season winds down, thoughts to turn to sprucing up your Whitehall, PA, yard. You may still have days left of relaxing on the patio in the evenings, but you feel like something is missing—a landscape design update may be in order. Read on for five fall landscape ideas for the patio:

Fall Annuals and Perennial Flowers

Fall annuals will certainly rejuvenate your summer-worn patio plantings. Mums and black-eyed Susan plantings in fall colors signal the arrival of fall temperatures. Pansies spilling from pots and decorative ornamental cabbages tell everyone that you have the fall spirit! Fall is also the perfect time for tucking an array of bulbs into your landscape, to prepare for some bright spring blossoms.

Seasonal Clean Up

Removing the leaves and dead shrub growth from your patio area can increase your enjoyment in the great outdoors. No one likes to unwind in a messy outdoor space! Keeping the patio area clear of overgrown plants and debris means when you invite friends over for a fall barbeque, you can entertain in a stress-free courtyard.

Fire Pit

It must be the cooler winds or the threat of winter but fall is when many people begin thinking about adding a fire pit to their landscape. A fire in the evening would add a gorgeous glow to your patio are, while the warmth would naturally create a cozy atmosphere. Imagine propping your feet in front of a comfortable fire and chatting with a friend while the kids play nearby. Or think of the laughter and delight the fire pit would bring when you produce chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers for s’mores for everyone!

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Outdoor Lighting

Lighting for your patio can not only increases security, but it can also spotlight certain aspects of your landscape for long-lasting admiration. LED lighting reduces the electricity costs of outdoor lighting while giving your patio landscape that warm, inviting look and feel that says “Welcome” to your guests.

Stone Accents

Update Your South Whitehall, PA, Patio for Fall with These Landscape Design Ideas

Perhaps you have been thinking about adding stone steps from your patio up to your yard. Or maybe you have seen a stone accent border that you would love to add to your existing patio. A low retaining wall could increase the entertaining area of your patio while adding a more finished look to that part of your yard. Fall is the opportune time to upgrade the appearance of your patio with hardscape improvements.

Nature’s Accents specializes in all five of these landscape design ideas. For over 15 years, Nature’s Accents has focused on the creative design of both residential and commercial landscapes, and a creative array of fire, lighting, and water elements for outdoor projects. With personal design care and maintenance unique to each client and property, we pride ourselves on adhering to high industry standards for excellence. Contact us to discuss how you can spruce up your patio in all of the ways that can increase your outdoor enjoyment.