Signs that your Berks County Backyard Needs Professional Landscape Maintenance

Signs that your Berks County, PA, Backyard needs Professional Landscape Maintenance

You may yearn for a landscape that you can take pride in but find that there simply isn’t a slot in your busy schedule to keep your lawn looking its best. Alternatively, you may not know where to start buying equipment and chemicals for its deceptively complex upkeep. Fortunately, there are professional teams of contractors that specialize in landscape maintenance, and they can ensure that your Berks County, PA, yard looks sophisticated and inviting all year round. Here are two important reasons why you should approach a professional to maintain your landscape this year.

So much lawn, so little time

Your lawn is far more complicated than it appears and, whether you neglect it completely or attempt to keep it neat, the grass will die off unless it is given the correct care. Providing too little - or too much - water can kill off your grass, while cutting it too short will strain its roots and destroy the lawn as well. If you want to avoid seeing your time and effort result in an unhealthy and unsightly lawn, entrust a professional team with its maintenance. Nature’s Accents creates a unique maintenance strategy for every property it cares for, ensuring that your particular type of grass is mowed and nourished properly. Our team is also well-versed in fertilization and weed control, for crisp, healthy lawns. We know the optimal time for the application of each essential element, so that you don’t have to spend hours researching the topic.

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There are also hefty tasks, like dethatching and aerating the lawn, that will require expensive equipment and extensive research for you to complete. Opting to hire a professional contractor will prevent you from wasting money on equipment that will stand and rust in your garage for months on end.

Pesky pests and lawn diseases

There are various diseases that can invade your soil and devastate your lawn. Common indications of disease include patches of discoloration, bare or deadened areas, and the formation of mold. Malnourished lawns are most susceptible to disease, so ensuring that you hire a regular maintenance service to water and fertilize the grass is the first preventative measure that you can take against lawn disease. Furthermore, most of these diseases can be eradicated using fungicide treatments, as they are generally spread by spores that travel on the wind or the bellies of insects. Your chosen maintenance team will be able to administer these treatments and eradicate a wide variety of diseases, from fusarium blight to brown patch. However, extensive damage to the lawn may require planting it anew.

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Without pest control, insects like slugs, caterpillars, and fire ants will invade your soil and larger pests like rats and moles will creep about your lawn. Your maintenance team will be licensed to apply pesticides, will know how to apply them safely, and will be able to determine which products are best suited to your unique lawn and infestation. Similarly to lawn disease, pests can be kept at bay by a simple but regular maintenance routine.

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