Landscape Contractor's Tips for Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Fire Pit Area in Berks County, PA

Once the sun sets, an undeveloped outdoor living area can lose its charm and become prey to the evening chill, deterring visitors. Fortunately, a fire pit can return life and warmth to the landscape after dusk. It is an absolute necessity for any Berks County, PA, homeowner who desires a starlit dining experience or the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors before bed. Not only does it make an outdoor living space more comfortable, but it also crafts an intimate ambience that can make one’s outdoor experience more magical. Here are a few ideas from a landscape contractor to help you create a stunning outdoor fire pit area.

Keep It Casual

A round brick fire pit perched on a round gravel surface bears lovely rustic appeal. Beyond the borders of the gravel “rug,” concrete pavers and more modern materials may resume their work in the landscape. A fire pit like this can be surrounded by the humblest of outdoor furniture—plastic chairs. Not only can they be surprisingly comfortable, but they look distinctly casual and have their rightful place in outdoor design. Add character to the fire pit area by opting for chairs in different colors. A red-brick fire pit will also flaunt more personality than one incorporating gray bricks.

Create an At-Home Campfire

While fire pits are often built above-ground, they can also be made level with the terrain. Construct a low fire pit and surround it with decorative pebbles and larger white stones for a campfire-like look. You can enhance this aesthetic theme by sourcing logs that have been treated to deter pests like termites and made smooth to the touch. Should you find it comfortable enough and adore the adventurous look and feel they create, pop a few logs around the fire pit as seating.

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Feel Free to Use Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are one of the most versatile and timeless additions to outdoor living spaces. Chances are your view of the stars is rather diminished by light pollution. Fortunately, you can enhance the appearance of stars overhead by draping fairy lights across the beams of a pergola. You could also suspend them between surrounding trees, should a pergola seem counterintuitive as it conceals the sky even further. Wicker chairs pair beautifully with the delicate, romantic aesthetic of twinkling fairy lights. Opt for accent cushions in solid colors or with simple prints to preserve a sense of elegance.

A Hot Pool Island

A fire pit can be nestled onto a small pool island so that its warmth contrasts the cool blue water nearby. Feel free to make the island rather snug and allow its perimeter wall to double as the backrest of a low seat wall. That way, the fire pit and surrounding seating are the only features on the island. Warm, welcoming, and rather isolated, this island will entice you to return night after night.

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Show Off Your Scenery

Landscape Contractor's Tips for Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Fire Pit Area in Berks County, PA

Rustic fire pit areas are perfect for landscapes that overlook natural scenery. Should you be fortunate enough to have a hillside landscape that has a view of a lake or greenery, perch a fire pit in a spot from which you can admire what nature has to offer in warmth and comfort. Irregular slabs of natural stone can be installed underfoot to complement the abundance of natural shades and textures in the vicinity. Other organic materials like wood can be incorporated into the outdoor furniture. Red-painted features and red fabrics tend to stand out beautifully in natural areas because they offer contrast against their lush green background.