Landscape Maintenance: When Is the Best Time to Schedule Spring Cleanup for Your Exeter, PA, Property

It may seem to be a far-off concern right now, but the end of winter will bring on that inevitable pressing need to “spring clean.” After months of being cooped up inside in Exeter, PA, you will be eager to see everything get cleaned up so that you can enjoy it—particularly your outdoor living space. So, when is the best time to schedule a spring cleanup for your landscape? While you have the time, factor in the landscape maintenance needs you’ll want to address when spring arrives. These are services you could schedule in advance.

Removing Debris

The winter weather can frequently bring down branches and small limbs that land on grass and shrubs. In order for the grass and plants to receive the air and sunlight they need to green up, the winter debris needs to be removed. Sometimes this can prove to be a big job as all of the leftover branches need to be gathered and hauled away.

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Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Before the trees and shrubs begin to leaf out, some may need to be trimmed up for a symmetrical and consistent appearance. Once they form their small leaves and buds, the time for pruning may have passed as any further pruning could disrupt the growth of the plants.

Washing Away Salt

Winter can mean using salt and deicing products on your steps, walkways, and driveway. These activities take care of the ice and snow during the snowy months, but they can damage the surrounding shrubs and grass. A strong wash with a sprinkler could remove the residue.

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Prepare the Yard for Seeding

It is not uncommon to find brown, dead patches of grass after winter. Removing the dead grass makes way for adding amendments to the soil for reseeding the grass. Once the weather is warm enough, look into sowing the new grass seed and getting it on a regular water schedule so those empty patches can get filled in as soon as possible. That’s when it is also an ideal time to fertilize the grass so that it has the necessary nutrients to grow thick and green when the warmer weather kicks into gear.

Tending to Flower Beds

Early spring is an excellent time to divide perennial flowers and plants. The old mulch or pine needles should be raked away to open up space for fresh soil and compost. Before covering with new mulch, annual flowers could be planted so that when spring truly arrives, they have had a head start on growing roots and are well on the way to flowering.

Landscape Maintenance: When Is the Best Time to Schedule Spring Cleanup in Exeter, PA?

Weed Control

Preventing weeds and crabgrass before they emerge is more effective than trying to get rid of them after they have sprung up. Spring is the time to apply weed control to prevent summer growth. You need to do this before the temperature reaches the mid-50s, because after that is when the weeds will have begun to grow.

Cleaning Walkways and Driveways

Finally, walkways and driveways can also take a beating during the winter months. Cracks can develop and paving stones can shift, causing tripping hazards and an unappealing appearance. Spring offers the opportune time to have these issues corrected, or resurfaced, to ensure the curb appeal of your home is top-notch.