Retain Year-Round Curb Appeal with these Winter Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards in Wayne

Retain Year-Round Curb Appeal with these Winter Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards in Wayne, PA

Your front yard is on display come rain, shine, or wintertime. Neglecting it during the colder months can have major repercussions on the curb appeal of your home. And with winter in full swing, this simply isn’t an option. Winter also opens new doors to the world of outdoor entertaining. From building snowmen to admiring the beauty of your winter wonderland, there are many ways to enjoy your front yard during winter. Here are a few ways to keep your front yard fit for entertaining when the temperatures drop in Wayne, PA.

Pick practical plants

Opting for hardy plants that thrive when other plants are dormant will add color to your winter landscape. These will also preserve your privacy throughout the year. Evergreen trees and hedges are renowned for their winter appeal, and will add various colors and textures to your landscape. Despite the name, evergreens can also be found in shades of yellow and blue, so plant a variety of species for a more comprehensive color palette. Deciduous trees with distinctive bark will become interesting focal points once they lose their leaves, and snow provides a stunning backdrop to bright red berries and other winter fruits.

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Colorful containers

Pots and containers provide a quick and easy way to incorporate color into your winter landscape. Make your home look more inviting, for example, by placing a few colorful pots near the front door. Evergreen ornamental grasses and winter-bloomers look stunning when planted in pots of complementing colors. Dwarf conifers that stay small can also serve as a focal point in your front yard. Well-designed pots may not even need to house plants in order to captivate onlookers.

A patio renovation

Sprucing up the patio out front can make it more functional and comfortable, and greatly improve your curb appeal during winter. For example, teak or wicker furniture can be replaced with iron alternatives that will fair better in cold temperatures. Light summery cushions can also be replaced with heavier pillows and cozier upholstery. Consider adorning the space with throws and blankets in warm colors, for a refreshing design that wards off the cold.

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Energizing bird life

Not all species of birds migrate during winter. The birds that remain behind will add movement and song to your front yard, rebelling against the lifeless atmosphere that winter can induce. Encourage birds to frequent your landscape by providing them with food and water. Native plants produce food at the right time of year to sustain local birds, while trees and shrubs that hold onto their berries during winter can feed birds overwintering in your area. Dormant perennials can also provide birds with seeds all winter long, while their seed heads offer unconventional interest to the landscape design. A heated bird bath or dog bowl can provide a steady source of water for birds when their usual sources freeze over. Hanging decorative feeders from tree branches can also go a long way towards adding character to winter bare trees.

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