How a Landscape Contractor can Transform your Lebanon Patio into a Tranquil Getaway

Returning to your Lebanon, PA, home after a long day can provide few opportunities for stress relief if you don’t make the time to create your own personal getaway. Why spend your me-time within earshot of the television and churning dishwasher, when you can escape to the serenity of the outdoors? Here are a few ways to make your patio more relaxing with the help of a professional landscape contractor like Nature’s Accents Landscape Services, Inc.

How a Landscape Contractor can Transform your Patio into a Tranquil Getaway in Lebanon, PA

Greenery to surround the space

Few experiences are as rejuvenating as time spent appreciating the effortless beauty of nature. Incorporate the soothing sounds, shades, and textures of the natural world into your patio for a more relaxing outdoor experience. Whether you envelop your pergola in vines, or shroud the area under a canopy of trees, any amount of greenery can enliven your patio. A patio shaded by trees, or surrounded by shrubs, will make an excellent spot for reading or meditation.

Exposing the view

A patio that looks out on four walls, or a mess of vegetation, can feel small and confined. Relaxing requires space and a feeling of freedom, which can be achieved by opening up the boundaries of your backyard. Pruning trees and hedges can expose the world beyond and create the impression of a never-ending yard. If your backyard is blessed with just a few good views, ensure that these are opened up while the roadway is kept concealed.

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While breaking down barriers can be liberating, it can also compromise your much-needed privacy. Consider creating secluded areas within your backyard, using screens or plants of a suitable height, and rely on these spaces for peace and quiet. Draping curtains along the edge of your pergola provides flexible privacy, as they can be drawn for privacy and opened when you want to enjoy the view.

Comfortable seating

When it comes to relieving stress, comfort is key. Add lounge chairs and recliners to your furniture arrangement for the opportunity to stretch your legs out and relax. You’ll most likely find that a comfortable set of chairs lures you outdoors more often, and keeps you there for a longer period of time.

The powerful impact of sound

A water feature can serve many functional purposes, like providing drinking water for pets and circulating pool water to prevent the growth of algae. But what makes a water feature absolutely indispensable, is its ability to produce a captivating and ever-changing soundtrack. Listening to water splash and gurgle will keep you relaxing in your recliner for hours on end. Koi ponds and bird baths also serve to fill the landscape with life. Birds are also great contributors to a serene soundtrack, perfect for reading or fitting in an afternoon nap.

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Sufficient shade

It’s hard to unwind while squinting into the glaring sun. Creating shaded areas using umbrellas, gazebos, and pergolas will ensure that your patio is perfectly suited to every hour of a summer’s day. These structures can also give your patio a resort-like look, especially when situated near a pool.

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