Innovative Outdoor Kitchen Designs in Lebanon County

Outdoor kitchens are fast becoming one of the most requested exterior home improvements in Lebanon County, PA. An outdoor kitchen not only adds functionality to your yard, it also offers an excellent return on your investment. The perfect outdoor cooking space no longer consists of just a BBQ and a place to eat. With innovative ideas like these, we can elevate your Lebanon County outdoor kitchen from functional to fabulous!

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Innovative Outdoor Kitchen Designs in Lebanon County PA

The best way to create an outdoor kitchen that meets all of your needs is to include the right appliances. Everyone has a grill, but what about burners for cooking side dishes? Or a warming oven to keep things warm until you're ready to serve? A second grill can also come in handy if you like to entertain a lot of people at once.

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Once you have your main cooking area established, there are still many ways to customize your outdoor kitchen. A sink with running water will save on clean-up time and help to ensure hygiene. If you've already run water to the kitchen, a dishwasher will prevent having to bring all the dirty dishes inside and give you more time to spend with your guests.

A pizza oven is another perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen. These stone ovens are wood fired and get very hot, so they're a good choice for outdoors. An outdoor kitchen is also the best place to install a deep fryer or smoker. Both of these appliances create delicious food but can also generate strong aromas. By installing them outside, your home will remain odor free.

Add Warmth

The cook may stay warm in the kitchen, but don't forget about your guests. Including a heat source in your outdoor kitchen will ensure that chilly weather doesn't cut your evenings short. Patio heaters are available in many attractive styles and are easy to relocate when the gathering moves away from the table.

Electric infrared heaters hung from the ceiling or mounted on walls will add warmth without taking up valuable floor space. A fireplace situated near the dining table creates a pleasant atmosphere and will keep guests warm while they eat. Alternatively, a fire pit near the cooking area will create a cozy place to gather for drinks after the meal.

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If you love to entertain, adding a bar to your outdoor kitchen is a must. A bar not only allows you to serve beverages along with the food, but will give guests a place to gather while the host prepares the meal. A fridge with a freezer for ice, and a wine chiller, will ensure you always have chilled drinks on hand, even on hot days. Refrigerated drawers are a great way to keep tall bottles chilled and upright. Don't forget to include comfortable barstools so guests can keep the cook company.  If you really want to create the feel of a resort at home, a swim-up bar offers a great way to cool off on hot summer days.

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For sports fans and music lovers, outdoor kitchens need to be state of the art. Adding a flat-screen TV where both guests and the cook can view it, ensures that no one will miss out on a minute of the big game. And almost any gathering is better with music. Having a stereo system installed in your outdoor entertaining area also makes it easy to keep an eye on the music and the food.

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